Learn while having fun, exploring, creating, lean by immersion in spaces charged with real history and nature: this is the commitment by the team at the District Council and the Chateau de Joux. This team makes education activities available to primary and middle school teachers, who can pick and choose to set up their own programme for visiting the chateau and its surroundings! Start exploring now!

The page below provide details of these activities. .

Educational visits

Developed as walks adapted to each educational level, these visits will allow students to learn about daily life at the Chateau and to understand how the architecture has changed over the past thousand years.
Primary school

And what if I told you a story about the Chateau de Joux?

1.5 hrs


Joseph, a young soldier and his friends, Pierre the builder, Sam the cook, Paul the soldier and Pipistrelle the bat, together these characters tell the story of the Chateau de Joux.

While reading a large illustrated book and enjoying a sensory walk around the Chateau de Joux, children will become aware of the daily life of the people who lived there.

To complete this activity, follow the workshop “Making a puppet soldier”.

cycle2 workshop chateau de joux

Daily life at the Chateau de Joux in the 18th century


Primary school

The seige has gone on for too long, supplies are running out, our young soldier Joseph is looking for water… The children must help him find the key to the great well of the Chateau.

While they walk from the dungeon built in the Middle-Ages to the great well built by Vauban, the students will learn how the soldiers lived in the garrison of the Chateau in the 18th century.

To  complete this activity, follow the workshop “Making a three-cornered soldier’s hat”.


Budding architects, to your drawing boards!



Imagine the Chateau de Joux is under siege, the canon balls are coming in from every direction! Sebastien, a young architect, explains how the architecture of the Chateau has evolved over the pas one thousand years, constantly adapting to the evolution of warfare.

Equipped with a layout and and a booklet, the students must observe and understand the various fortifications.

To complete this activity, join the “Making a 3D model of the Vauban fortifications”!

cycle 3 workshops chateau de joux

In the footsteps of Toussaint Louverture


Primary and middle school

Toussaint Louverture, a slave turned general, governor of Saint Domingue, and instrumental in achieving the independence of Haïti, was imprisoned at the Chateau de Joux where he died on 7th April 1803. During a visit of the castle, the students will follow the main stages of the life of Toussaint Louverture, share in his fight to free the slaves, and will follow his last days at the Chateau!

The visit takes place in two stages:

  • To begin with,the students learn all about the life of Toussaint Louverture thanks to a PowerPoint presentation; From his birth in Saint-Domingue, where he was born a slave, to his deportation to the Chateau de Joux 60 years later.
  • Then, the students will visit the Chateau de Joux in the footsteps of Toussaint Louverture.
  • From the main entrance gate, to his prison cell, the students will disvoer the conditions under which Toussaint Louverture was held, the role played by the Chateau de Joux as a state prison, and how Toussaint Louverture still represents a symbol of freedom, even today.

To complete this visit, follow the workshop “In the footsteps of Toussaint Louverture” in which the themed visit can be combined with a workshop at the Pontarlier Museum studying the portraits and engravings of Toussaint Louverture.


Fun visits can be followed by workshops which offer students the possibility of learning combined with creativity around a particular subject. These activities take place in the reception rooms of the chateau.
Primary school

Making an articulated puppet of a soldier

1.5 hrs


Students will make a puppet called “Joseph”, a soldier in the garrison at the Chateau de Joux.

You can combine this activity with a fun visit called “And what if I told you about the Chateau de Joux?”

Download the content of the workshop
Cycle1 workshops chateau de joux
Cycle2 Hat workshop chateau de joux

Making a soldier's hat


Primary school

The tricorn was hat much in fashion in the 18th century in the army. All the soldiers were wearing them. The students will make one from black felt.

You can combine this activity with the workshop “Daily life at the Chateau de Joux in the 18th century”.

Download the content of the workshop
Middle school

Calligraphy and illumation


Primary and lower middle school

After an introduction to the history of writing, the students will discover the art of calligraphy and illumination. Each student will make a bookmark after learning to write with a feather quill. Their collective efforts will allow them to go back to school with a booklet that they have written together in calligraphy.

Download the content of the workshop

Making a 3D model of the chateau's fortifications!



What could be more fun than making a 3D model in order to understand in detail the architecture of an historic monument? That is what this workshop offers students: to make a 3D model of the Vauban fortifications of the 5th line of defence at the Chateau de Joux, which is no longer visible.

Complete this activity with the educational visit: “Budding architects, to your tools!”.

In the footsteps of Toussaint Louverture


Primary and middle school


Arts activities: students take inspiration from the Haïtian paintings shown in the PowerPoint presentation “A guided tour – in the footsteps of Toussaint Louverture” and make a painting that reminds them of a moment during the visit that impressed them. An episode in the life of Toussaint Louverture or something that made an impression on them.

Upper middle school

Arts activities: The children take inspiration from the Haïtian paintings shown in the PowerPoint presentation “A guided visit – In the footsteps of Toussaint Louverture”.

They make a painting imagining what Toussaint Louverture’s life would have been like if he had not been taken prisoner or if Napoleon had freed him or if he had managed to escape.

For a full undertanding of this theme, this activity can only be completed once the students have already  followed the guided visit “A guided visit – In the steps of Toussaint Louverture”.

Improving the facilities for school children and youth at the chateau

The 2020 – 2030 programme for promoting culture and tourism at the Chateau de Joux, includes a section for youth and school groups, in order to develop educational activities and increase the capacity for hosting these groups.

The programme includes developing rooms in the Joffre barracks so that students, young people and teachers can be hosted under improved conditions. These new facilities will allow picnics to be eaten on-site, toilet facilities and more spacious workshop facilities available all year round.

The development of 3 museums (Fortress and Freedom, Military Art & History, Toussaint Louverture and the memorial to the abolition of slavery) will provide teachers with a space of more than 1,000 sqm to explore! Teachers’ aids, visits and conferences will be organised for students of all ages and educational backgrounds.

Successive openings.

Getting the right balance

Visits, activities, workshops… how to put together the perfect day?

Full day

1 educational visit of the Chateau + 1 Chateau workshop OR Chateau activity (educational visit or workshop)


1 Château activity (educational visit or workshop) OR 1 Nature outing (activity or walk at Gounefay)

The choice of activities will be made according to availability at the time of booking.


These activities are available to groups of 20 children or more from early May to early July, and must be booked at least 14 days in advance. For other days, please enquire.

Less than 20 children

Pass 115€ / educational visit
Pass 135€ / chateau xorkshop
Teachers and assistants: free

More than 20 children

Educational visit : 6 € / pers.
Chateau Workshop: 7€ / pers.
Teachers and assistants: free

Information & bookings

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Registered address:

Communauté de Communes du Grand Pontarlier22 rue Pierre Dechanet 25300 PONTARLIER


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