The chateau de Joux is located in an unspoilt landscape that is perfect for discovering the area on foot, by bicycle, or on snowshoes in winter.

The Larmont and the site at Gounefay

The Larmont is the mountain just next to the chateau, on the side of which is perched the Malher Fort, built in the middle of the 19thC. It is 8km away by road and 6km on foot, the Larmont is a highly popular destination for nature based tourism activities operating from Gounefay. This family holiday centre in heart of the mountains is equipped with a restaurant with panoramic views from the terrace, a reception area and areas to relax in. In winter there is a Nordic ski area and ski lifts leading to a number of ski runs and circuits for cross-country ski-ing, that together make up 130km of ski runs and tracks which are all accessible in the summer also.

Explore the site

A unique view of the the chateau

On the road from the Larmont to the Gounefay holiday centre (Chemin du Larmont), don’t miss the turn off that will take you to the Malher Fort. Whilst you cannot visit this fort, a path passing close to it leads to a quite remarkable observation point. “A truly lovely and quite easy walk through the woods from les Jeantets. At the end of the path, you get a magnificent view of the chateau and the Joux pass, and of the chamois if you are a lucky” – as written by a visitor!!


Walking trails around Pontarlier

The Gounefay holiday centre, the green track (converted former railway track), the GR5 walking trail, the Drugeon valley (Frasne peat bogs, a unique natural environment that is home to rare species of flora and fauna), the GTJ (Grande Traversée du Jura) that can be done on foot, mountain bike, here and there Nature sets the tone!

The Pontarlier area has received the FFC label, and includes 10 mountain bike circuits ranging from 5 to 25km around the town. The Grande Traversée du Jura is accessible on foot from the Larmont mountain.

All the walking trails
The Hauts-Doubs county is a haven for exploring nature as a family, meeting animals, swimming in clean, transparent fresh water rivers and lakes, water sports, mountain biking, walking and even a treetop adventure course.

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