The chateau de Joux enjoys a rich and diverse programme of artistic and cultural events.

This is based on the history of the chateau and on the fight for freedom: the anniversary of the death of Toussaint Louverture, the abolition of slavery, exhibitions, readings and artistic residences, new plays and theatrical productions, concerts, night-time visits, treasure hunts, cultural heritage visits, historical re-enactments… and also a few events that combine sport and heritage in this magnificent setting.

The Joux Nights festival

The society “The Haut-Doubs Events Centre” organises each summer (from late July to mid-August) the Joux Nights festival, which combines theatre, dance and music in the special setting of the main courtyard, at the foot of the dungeon – and also in the streets and auditoriums in Pontarlier.

The Festival site
From 7th July to 25th August 2022

  • Comedy on the move for all the family by Mathilde Martinage, in collaboration with the CAHD
  • Tuesdays and Thursday in the summer at 21h30
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Booking needed

Two real-false historians each in turn take on the most unexpected roles to take us on a journey with the forgotten women of Joux. They set off to meet the women of the chateau, sometimes inheritors, sometimes prisoners but never insignificant. Ghosts from the past appear and stories are told!

And then, from time to time, our two friends get a bit lost and are caught up in the whirlwinds of their imagination! Follow carefully, and most importantly, do not be afraid of the ghosts!

From 13th to 29th August 2021


After the abdication of Emperor Napoleon III, the Army of the East, also known as the Bourbaki army, was formed in a hurry and sent towards Belfort. Defeated, the army retreated towards Pontarlir. The general negotiated safe-haven for his men in Switzerland. In January 1871, 80,000 soldiers made their way through the freezing conditions and the snow towards their new home. They passed by the foot of the Chateau but were attacked by the Germans. Artillery at the fort provided support for the French foot troops and cavalry in the battle of La Cluse.

In conjunction with the exhibition at the Pontarlier Museum, the unfolding of these events is presented through stories told by the protagonists themselves.

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